buying a bike privately...

Just sounding off with this, but there is a moral: when buying a bike privately, do not underestimate the ability of the previous owner to be stupid then hoodwink you.

I’ve had the bike for a couple of months, but only used the horn for the first time last week. Result: silence.

Mmmm. Check horn prices - easy to get replacement from eBay for £10 or so, so off I go this morning to check the horn. Undo the bolt and the horn comes off in my hand, followed by a few moments of pleasure - “connections come off, easy fix then”.

So, I look for the leads, and I look, and I look, and I look - but no leads. Can’t be completely sure unless I take the fairings off, but they’re not there.

The bike looks normal electrically except for heated grips.

I suspect whoever fitted the grips has cut off the leads to the horn. Why, I haven’t the faintest idea.

The previous owner must know - he had an MOT done and the horn is an MOT item surely? Have emailed him to find out.

I can see a few frustrating hours ahead trying to find a wiring diagram and checking the wiring. Grrrrr. :angry:

Then to make it worse, bike wouldn’t start - just a click from the starter motor relay. Battery voltage is 12.35 volts, so would have expected more than a click, so I hope I haven’t disturbed some lash-up with my investigations. Double Grrr. :angry: :angry:

So, be careful out there!

Off to take the battery out to charge…


He may have wired the Hotgrips up to the horns wiring because it’s a switched Live… ie not live until the ignition is switched on… The grips get turned off when you take the key out, instead of forgetting to switch them off and killing the battery.

The battery voltage should be around 12.8 volts. Anything below 12.6 volts is considered as undercharged.


That makes sense. But it leaves me with a right buggers muddle to sort out…

I forgot to mention that the grips control dial has been put neatly on the front fairing in a position that can’t be reached with the bike moving…which means the rider had to pull over at least once when using them. There are plenty of other places where the control could have been put in reach of the rider.



Hmmmmm, certainly sounds like a complete bodge job that now needs fixing :pinch:

Lesson learned here me thinks, if I ever buy a bike privately I’ll be sure to check everything I possibly can.

Sorry to hear you’ve been stung by a muppet