Buying a Battery

I normally pay people to fix my bike, but have managed to workout for myself that i need to change my bikes battery - i know how to do this!

Any recomendations where i can pickup or mail order a new battery.

Its for q 2001 Kawasaki ZX6R (J1).

Thanks !

can always try yer closest halfords

local bike shop should be easy enough, what area are you in?

there are a couple near me. forest hill or croydon are good for online/mail order.

Don’t buy a cheapie, spend about £40-60 for a good quality varta or similar, perhaps even the OEM make.

Well done Choprocker.

I keep saying Halfords to this question, no one listens.

It’s one of the good things that Halfords do. Just phone around first to check stocks.

My experience is that they also have a no borrocks returns policy. I took back a 20 month old battery and they just gave me a new one with a new 2 year warranty.

Gonna try Halfords tomorrow on my lunch break tomorrow - thanks!

Check the make they sell before buying. I’ve had a fair few ‘cheap’ batteries that haven’t lasted 6 months.

well did ya get one n how much ?

M&P and Wemoto do it for me:cool:

Get a GOOD quality battery

Yuasa are the dogs ******** when it comes to batteries

That said, for mid priced batteries, I’ve had a few Vartas that i got from
I’ve currently got a GS battery on the blade since my mechanic swore by them.

Don’t get sprint (cos they often lose charge within a year)… and definitely avoid chinese ones! They don’t provide enough cranking current.

Make sure you get the right type (amp hour ratings, size, and terminal position).

cheapest place i found for oe yusa batterys is here and they were doing free next day postage when i got mine last november

People often complain that replacement batteries don’t last as long as the OEM ones - there is often one very good reason they don’t. A new (wet, lead-acid) battery needs to be given a ‘forming’ charge before first use. If you add the acid yourself, leave at least three hours before doing the following:Charge at C/10 (so at 1.4A for a 14AH one) for a few hours until all cells have been ‘gassing’ for an hour. Then leave for an hour, then top-up with de-ionised water, and now that battery will last properly. :smiley:

All done, fitted and working people - thanks!

so ya didnt f**k it up sorting alarm then ? :D:D:D:P

now lose a few stone give the poor bike a fighting chance :smiley: