buying 2nd hand from private individual advice

Hi LBs,
I’m interested in buying a Honda Dylan from a private individual.

Apart from checking basics such as the service history, V5, ‘bounce’ of the scoot/ shocks, ignition/ engine starting, what else should I be looking out for when I go to meet the bloke?


What you mentioned is about it.

Thanks for the reply.

If the deals not already done it could be worth checking the discs and pads as well. Although pads are not the most expensive things in the world but a front and/or rear disc replacement could be costly!! :smiley:

Good Luck!

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Lurvve it :smiley:

I’m also looking for a 2nd hand scooter and came up with these checks:-service history and logbook

-shock absorbers and tires

-brake pads and breaks

-oil and water

-ligths, indicators and horn

-ignition and acceleration

Anything else to add/check?

Thanks for the input people! Just what LB is all about.
I actually bought a Yamaha Majesty from another bloke who had been riding since he was young and it’s in great condition for it’s age.

I’m glad you like it.
My mother was on holiday in Portugal and brought the patch back.
Read more about it on this thread - here

When I by used Scooters, I will:-

1/ HPI check. Otherwise it could be a write off, or on finance!

2/ Check all documents. V5, MOT (If applicable) and full service history (I never buy without)

3/ Immobiliser master key if the bike is immobilised. Lost it? Take £250 off the price…

4/ Condition. Check everything, or better still, as you have no idea what you’re looking at, take a savvy mate.

5/ Test ride. Essential, and make it a good one.

Now bear in mind you have bought a bike with no warranty (Unless it still under makers) which may require a service etc, and think whether it’s worth having a really good negotiation with a similar bike at a local dealers…