Buy my Junk on ebay

No videos this time but I’m really scraping the barrel with regards to what I’m selling. Click here.

Been raiding the charity shop bins again :smiley:

lol … I can’t stop laughing …

You always think it must be worth something to someone. But sometimes it’s worth nothing to anyone.

One mans junk is another mans treasure!

Not my treasure tbh…

I’m in the market for a tie, do you have any?

firkin heck Joby, cassette inserts without the cassettes? that’s low dude.

LOL! I was thinking the same, majority of those thing’s I’d stick in recycling or give to charity to deal with it…

Prob costs more to advertise it on ebay and if it does sell you still get fees…

Anyone want to bid in this?



quality dude :laugh: