Buy Advice

I’ve seen an advert for a nice dual sports bike I really like. Low milage, 2009 model. The price is about 30% less than any other private seller and it looks great in the pics.
I asked the seller;
Do you still have the bike?
Has it been used offroad?
Also because it’s 2009 does it have any warranty?
Written off?

and here was his answer

It seems pretty cool and I wouldn’t mind if it missed the first service because I can also book it in for one.

Anything I should lookout for?
Of course I’ll get it theft checked.

Make sure all paperwork is available.

V5 document and ask to see a purchase receipt if he still has it.

Do a HPI check

Check engine and frame numbers carefully to ensure they match paperwork and don’t look dodgy on visual inspection.

Check bike over…Put hand against engine case to see if warm…If warm ask why the bike was started before you got there (could be a problem with cold starting).

Ask owner to pull bike up on to it’s side stand so that the front wheel is in the air (do this by standing on left side of bike and turning bars to full opposite lock, then pulling the bike towards you).

Whilst front wheel is in the air, grab the forks and try to pull them towards you. They shouldn’t move (shouldn’t be any play). If they do then the headstock bolt may need tightening or worse the headstock bearings may need replacing.

If you’re inexperienced regarding bikes, your best bet is too get some one more so to have a look over it even if it means paying them.

Thanks Afro. I’m pretty confident in checking it over.
What’s bugging me is why would someone not bother with their first 600mile & second service and void warranty like that?

Maybe because some places have started charging for a 1st service for what is essentially an oil change and a quick check over.

I’d do it myself on a new bike that I was planning to keep because…

a) you don’t have to take a bike to your dealer in order to maintain your warranty any more (think that might even be illegal for a manufacturer to force that).


b) I’d just do the work myself and get some place to stamp my book for beer money.

Could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

You do get deals sometimes, and he’s not exactly going to be riding the thing or having a queue of buyers build up at his door in this weather.

Just go and look at it with your eyes open, and your brain taking charge rather than your heart

Experienced or not I reckon having someone else there is invaluable. In my (fairly limited) experience, following your head rather than your heart is a hell of a lot easier said than done, and said other knowledgeable person can be just what is needed to help you listen to what ya brains tellin’ ya :wink: and tell you to ignore your heart if when needs be.


Did you go for it?

Are you happy?

I think Mel had to pay £60 for her first service, it was in the workshop less than half an hour!