but would you though?.

wear this under your leathers?


If i was a girl i might, infact i think we should trial it on the female members of the forum ensuring that its “a damn sight sexier than thermals”

“a customer has informed us that these are ideal for under motorcycle leathers and are a damn sight sexier than thermals , sheer bodystocking with long sleeves and open below - not the feet :-)”

a customer eh ? I wonder if they happily slide out of their leathers in public ? and not too ideal if yer crown jewels arrive deep frosted . . . . “hey everybody, look, a pervert with an icicle on his ****”

Maybe I’ll pick up one in the name of product-review, for Foxy…

Silly question mate: what were you shopping for???

Jay my darling… Yes please!!!

you need to wear it in the summer but make sure you take the jacket off when you get hot

think i’ll be hot B4 you lol