But Support




Please tell me this has been photoshoped! :w00t:

Nope :sick:

lol, i’d like to see try and get up to leave at the end, she’d have to get someone to pull the chair off from the back she’s wedged that hard into it

It took me a second to realise I was looking at back cleavage… I got very confused for a second there.

Makes me realise that I’m not so fat after all! :hehe:

How the hell did she get that lump of lard up the stairs.


Amazing! :cool:

If that’s a balcony there’s obviously some decent reinforcement in that concrete

thats a huuuuge arse!!! :smiley:

OMG you could park your bike in it! That must be so uncomfortable:blink:

air lifted in mate. Its all the rage. :w00t:

Im the opposite. Im feeling a confortable snuggable nestling place, if but a little damp…:cool:

Kevsta stop posting pictures of me :wink:

You’re a quarter of the woman she is. :slight_smile:

Bliddy hell…and I thought I was fat! :smiley:

It’s about midnight, I’m having a sandwich,



eewwwwww :sick: that’s just nasty

she’s gone right down hill since i left her:w00t: