Busted !!!!

Talking to my pal outside his pub…

Loon on Scoot…road raging…screaming at cagers and other bikers…Traffic Cops waste no time and pull him over (hes wearing a courier bib but I didnt get it on the crapo mobile)…proceeds to give the Copper a mouthfull…“clever” !!!

Copper goes in to Job Mode now and no more polite verbals…checks it all out and …

Bingo !!!..

Stolen Scoot…working as a courier illegally anyway and then attempts to barge the officer out the way and try to trot it away…nope.

Captured !!!

(I was politely asked to put the phone away here and did so cos I wanted to try and instigate a bike thieving scumster beating but alas they were to proffessional) shame !!!

One scoot recovered…one rs,hole nicked and thats all that matters !!!






Good stuff, good stuff !!