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Can anyone Help Me?

I run the website for my Son’s Karate club, Our website sends out emails to the members with Important updates and class information, Recently it hasn’t been working and around 60% of the members don’t get the emails. The web hosters have looked into it and lots of Email companies have classed the website as spam and are blocking the emails going through and as a result the website hosts can’t rectify the problem.

What i want to do is set up an eamil account for the club so that i can continue sending out emails as they are a very important part of the club. i would like an email account with the clubs name in it eg- [email protected] or something similar

Is there anyway of getting that email address free of Charge? if so how?

If you want to send email as being from some particular domain then you need to own that domain. Is there a reason you can’t use whatever domain the website is presented at? The domain is probably not blacklisted, but the server (or, more properly, it’s IP address or netblock). This sort of thing is a general risk you face with cheaper hosting, but it’s a problem the hosting provider should be solving.

If you like, I can give you credentials to allow you to send mail out through an SMTP server I run. I think it’s still handling all LB’s emails…

Cheers. I have spent 3 days last week dealing with the web hosters and they can’t sort the problem. The system allows me to send password reset reminders to the members email addresses but not group messages or single messages to all members, so i was hoping to set up the domain and then have the email address [email protected]… and also each instructor can have there own email address too. is this possible?

you can always spoof email address :smiley: But then it is more than likely to go to spam.

Sam, you’ll still need to get some sort of mail server even if you own a domain.

Sam - just sent you a PM about this

Cool, cheers