Busa inline trike?

(smells like photoshop) :ermm:

edit: a little googling later… it appears this may be legit!?? :w00t:

Yes, a high-speed motorcycle for three, and that’s not only three people, but also three wheels ! Nick Dagostino converted his Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle into a trike, but not a conventional trike.

The two rear wheels are behind each other (in-line) instead of next to each other. This way he can still use the Hayabusa’s aerodynamics to obtain many speeding tickets. On top of the three wheels, he also fitted an electronic camera in the rear and a 5" TV monitor into the tank.

Now, he has place to put two pillion passengers behind him on the motorcycle.






Why? :crazy:

he had an 2 for 1 offer on rear tires? :hehe: :w00t:

No wheelies for him!

He is a bit ermm obese…maybe its to prevent unintentional wheelies?

Ahhhhhh - is making sense now, especially if he’s got a phat ‘ho’ riding pillion!

Hey dude … American right ?? Can only be :smiley:

Space for this big boy and 2 pillions? Is one of the pillions sitting on the hugger above the additional wheel?


+1. Be great around London, like a mini bendy bus(a) without the bendy bit!!

Notice how the owner looks like the bike, overweight and fugly!

Have seen several american bikes that have had a three wheel conversion, and I can’t understand the point of it.

No point whatsoever:cool:

Very strange.

lets hope that rear most brake dosn’t work , with no torque arm it would be entertaining :smiley:

Maybe they get their kicks out of exhaust fumes ?

thats not very nice Kev?

But I think you’ve hit upon a thread (unless its already been done?)

The question: If you were a bike, what bike would you be and why?

it doesn’t look like that wheel does anything, it is just stuck there, the chain is on the main 2nd wheel… so the 3rd wheel is useless. Why no idea… to add some more weight? Could be good for drag racing…

If he was a proper bike nut he would have rebuilt the rear so it made one cowling, extended the frame and had 3 or 4 sits. What he did is complete pants. It’s like me adding an extra sleeve to my jumper…

Anyhow, like it has been said… only in America:):slight_smile:

I think it looks great…who gives a monkeys as to why, it has to be done and thats it…

to me the biggest issue if you really want to criticise is… rear wheel loading…if the rear wheel is too big, ie new tyre and too much air pressure it will unload the driven wheel and he will wheel spin all over the place…and go nowhere…could be very dangerous…although as has been so delicately put previously he is rather portly and may squash the said suspension enough to actually raise the rear most wheel off the ground when the suspension is fully compressed…doubt it is at all very practical on a single swing arm…

but doubt practicallity and driveability were uppermost on his mind when he did this…

been thinking about this and as an ex engineer, the better way to have done this would have been with single sided suspension for each wheel…he could then have driven both wheels and have had then firmly planted on the ground at all times, irrespective of loading. However without some form of differential, as they would be driven from the same sprocket you would have to worry about shaft wind-up as each wheel would turn ever so slightly differently to the other one no matter the fact they are theooretically moving the same distance…so first the chain on one or other side would get stretched and eventually the drive shaft holding the sprokets would start to twist and could result in major catastrophe…however if he fitted a diff and then the two sprokets it would work fine…

Okay I know go and sit in the corner as I am getting anal and boring…