Busa For Sale

Black, mint condition, K9, 7K miles.

Looking for a quick sale, project waiting in the wings;) hence ONLY £6,500 NO OFFERS.

Ok! ready for it:w00t: one…two…three…GO!!:slight_smile:



A project waiting … :crazy:

That is a top bike and a good price should sell fast


Mo…not another Cruiser?

I think Mo runs them for the summer only to keep costs down.

oh Mo.

You’ll only buy another one in April

I just want to know what the project in the wings is!

My bet is on a Yamaha XTR 660!

Sorry! if I told you I would have to have you killed:w00t::hehe: but can tell you it has nothing to do with a Yamaha!:hehe:

blatently just bought Kevsta’s old TDM900

Think he`s going down the Daytona 955 mobility scooter route, bout time to mate:doze:

well that one didn’t last long :slight_smile:

oh my god, lol can someone please noe refrain from calling me THE bike whore!:w00t:

no, you’re just a whore with a bike. right?

Mine went in part exchange. Bikes aren’t selling at the moment, well they are if you are prepared to accept silly prices. Best I was offered was £300 less than the dealers part ex price (which didn’t include a lot of the accessories).