Bus lanes

It was wonderful today using the bus lanes,

Did’nt need to rush, felt safe, and it was no problem letting other road users doing the lefts,

Cheers boris.

It wasn’t bad, was it!

And hopefully as the trial continues people will automatically check before turning across the bus lanes - expecting a bike to be there.

I am wondering how well this is going for you guys, I don’t in the UK. Have there been many problems with this?

Hi & welcome to LB. Its normal to post in the newbie section to introduce yourself :).

Being allowed to use the bus lanes is making the roads safer for everyone…it’s a great common-sense move and we hope it will be extended to cover all of London.

I would introduce myself, but I am just trying to get more information on this one topic to try and get an American city to try a similar program. We can’t ride between cars in slow or stopped traffic here, so getting out of traffic all together would really help.

Thanks for helping me with this.

Good post, thanks matey, good to be vindicated.Will you be at the Ace on Sunday for newbie night?