Bus Lanes

On bank holiday’s (Eg Bank Holiday Monday’s) can you use bus lanes in London as if it’s a sunday? I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere, and there’s no point in asking “the Met”, cos they can’t find their arse with both hands half the time!


The blue road sign at the begining of the bus lane will tell you this.

Most say something like

Mon - Fri

7am - 7pm

SO, I was just wondering if a BH Monday is treated as a Sunday (Therefore, the bus lanes are safe in the example above).

I think it includes all Mondays. Never seen any indication that it didn’t. Certainly wouldn’t risk it myself.

i would agree with BB, dont risk it

but if you do : let us know the outcome :smiley:

I’ve always assumed it means EVERY Monday:)

Well there are members of the Met and other ‘Service’s’ on here who will know the answer and will be able to find their arse’s and elbow’s - in fact I know that they can point out an arse quite well :wink: … if you ask nicely !


I’m completely fed up of waiting for TFL / local government to decide whether or not to open up bus lanes. It seems inevitable that they will so why all the mucking about?Anyway my tactic is to ride religiously in the bus lanes, if it suits my position and progress until I get a ticket. After that I’ll avoid that bit of road. I get about 2/year so the time savings and safety benefits easily offset the financial cost in my view.

I’ve heard a rumour that TFL don’t prosecute motorcyclists if you’re in the offside 1/3rd of the bus lane. It sounds kind but that’s the bit nearest the cars… :w00t: I suspect its to give motorcyclists parity with car drivers who cannot be prosecuted for merely encroaching on the bus lane - i.e. all 4 wheels must clearly be in it.

Any policemen or TFL reps on here care to share a view?

Cheers, Dave

Me too !

Did hear a bloke on the radio a few months back, complaining about getting a ticket 'cos he went into a bus lane to go around a car that was turning right, this was on Xmas day when there were no buses running ! :crazy:

I think it also means every monday, I got a ticket for parking in a red route box on a bank holiday monday. I didnt even register that it would be off limits, I still thought it was Sunday…looked back again and it was a Mon-Fri 7-7 so yeah you will get done on a bank holiday, if you get caught that is.

I posted this ‘final’ photo on another thread, and I was told that its down to the council (in my case Tower Hamlets) to collect the fines. bus-lane.jpg (0 views, 5.68 KB)

BTW after 3 months of apeals i still got a £50 fine.

Dude that is harsh, show it to AfroR1 - he wouldnt have given you a fine for that I am sure, but as you say its down to the local council, which is very very annoying…

Even when a bus-lane is totally open for use (outside the designated signage times) cars refuse to us them, which is great for us bikes who know to read the signs and times, but all it does is increase congestion!!

Your not wrong… I thought it was VERY harsh, but now i know where all the cameras are so i can see which way they are pointing:D;) I think I have alot of valid reasons (IMHO) why bikes should be allowed to ride in bus lanes, think i’ll have to pen em and send em.:wink: