Bus Lanes

Livingstone has condemned the use of bus lanes by motorcyclists in London… the decision was announced today. F*****g bastard.


And the same day as Boris announces that to make traffic move better in London he will allow cycles to go through red lights dig up the road and put vehicle sensors in to phase the lights so they won’t go green if there is no traffic waiting. In countries where they do this it is a nightmare for bikes as they don’t trigger the lights and large angry vehicles behind push forward to try and get the lights changed in their favour. Nice!

I’m disgusted! :sick:
Anybody who hasn’t yet should sign up to MAG and let them continue to put pressure on.

lets hope the good people of london Fk him off in May
He has no feckin idea, the roads in london are of a third world standard with the highest combined road and fuel tax in the world…(probably :D) and yet if you’re a cyclist you can use the bus lanes, cycle lanes and pavements, show complete disregard to all aspects of the highway code and generally behave like a complete cant and thats just fine with Livingstone. We should all get together and have a slow ride round the west end / city to protest about this kind of s
t and just how much dicking around has there been in the decision making process aswell - words fail me!!

I would have thought a more direct form of action would be more appropriate by now… still lets see if Boris gets in come May, fingers crossed

I have said it time and time again he is a communist at heart, he knows all the answers and everyone who disagrees with him should be inprison shot or worse, he is the only one who knows whats good for us, we are all fools and only only he can be trusted with the furture of London…he is a very clever twisted man who deserves total villification from the people of london for the **** he is trying to do…

those plonkers who voted this maniac in need and still think he has done a good job are seriously confused…get Boris in and not just for the bikes issue but for many other issues and sorry guillano but the modern systems can ‘sense’ bikes so it isnt a big deal at all…and even the old ones could but you had to be near to the snesor it self…so if you mark where it is easy to sit on it…

Get Ken out he is a bad man…and bad for London…he abuses our rights and plays lip service to the issue of really caring for people…

Deffo, on getting Red Ken out. I mean isn’t it logical to free up more road space,so what does he introduce. Long snakey buses that take up more space than the traditional double decker, DUH!!!

I got caught on camera in a bus lane & fined, about 4 years ago. I must have really caused a lot of trafiic problems being in that bus lane, but a dozy lorry driver knocking off a biker & causing a traffic jam, gets bugger all :angry:

All lorries should not be allowed in centre of London during the day.

Another thing power corrupts & it’s time for him to go.

I love London and the LB news flash yesterday, ‘Gerrymandering – No Bikes In Bus Lanes’ aarticle was well presented and pulled me in. I was going to stay away from this subject but am an avid supporter of motorcycles being able to use ‘bus lanes’.

This paragraph makes my blood boil (not the written piece though):

Motorcycles are permitted to use bus lanes in Bristol, Reading, Swindon, Hull, Northern Ireland and many other towns and cities in the UK with no perceived problems”.

Being from Portsmouth, having visited other cities and used the permitted bus lanes is far more of use than being unsafe across the solid white line into chaos, uncertainty and life saver/ blind spot misuser.

More to the point of environmental issues including health, how is it from in and around The City and to Westminsters Streets, a heavily congested road because of buses and taxis something to be proud of? Anyone with a brain can see that it is terrible, unorganized and out of control. The only problem faced by everyone including pedestrians is the volume of buses and taxis pumping out their cooking oil mixed diesel and I know that it is certainly not good for my health.

The sixth paragraph written is undoubtedly something for Ken to wake up to and smell the coffee.

"Successful trials from elsewhere in the country demonstrate that motorcycles and bicycles can share bus lanes safely. In this regard, London would appear to be lagging behind the rest of the country and not leading the way forward.”

And after yesterdays Dog Labour Party Pooh budget, looks like it will not belong before the people of this country protest and revolt against anti-tax haven Britain, just like 1 million did against the Iraq war, Sunday 16th February 2003.

Talk to ‘Frank’ please Ken, you obviously have a habitual problem. Motorbikes are not a problem Ken, you are!

I agree get ken out, Did any one see london tonight yesterday evening I missed the beginning but at the end when they read out the viewers texts they only read out three and two of them were against bikes in bus lanes, the only thing most people know about is what they hear on tv or read in the tabloids which is nearly always negative. Some how we must make the general public more aware that bikes are part of the solution not part of the problem. We are fed up being s**t upon by all the various groups because ken and his mob dont see enough votes form us and it gains him votes from the other lot. GRRRRRRRRR it makes me !!!

Ah the bendy bus! Blocked the Shaftesbury Av junction this morning after it jumped a red light - great idea the bendy bus! :rolleyes:

Go Boris!!

sweeping statement that all lorry drivers are dozy ? Im one and never knocked a biker off in my life.you have a partial point about daytime deliveries, but they cant be avoided, but I guess YOU would be happy with us banging cages and pallets around and making a racket at 2/3 am would you ? or are you one of those people that think the fairies put the goods that we all buy on the shelves ?

exactly one of my pet hates, we all know racing the lights is dangerous and the ‘amber gamble’ is what it claims, Green for go, Red for stop and Amber prepare to.

I cant abide people that keep going when the lights go from amber to red, amber in this case means ‘prepare to stop’, it is dangerous and totally irresponsible.

On my way to have my eye stitches out on Tuesday with my wife accompanying me for obvious reasons, she pressed the crossing lights button in Regents Park. Lights went red and we began to cross. Hey presto a buffoon on a push bike(knob) that is a road user decides that the color red doesn’t apply to him. So i jumped in his way, arms out stretched so he could not get by until the light went green, which then left me in an awkward position. Felt good though.

I reckon cyclists are Ken and Gordons secret police on the payroll to cause havoc and discomfort to the many.

Go stevegsx, “sweeping statement that all lorry drivers are dozy ? Im one and never knocked a biker off in my life”. “you have a partial point about daytime deliveries, but they cant be avoided, but I guess YOU would be happy with us banging cages and pallets around and making a racket at 2/3 am would you ? or are you one of those people that think the fairies put the goods that we all buy on the shelves”?

I know many truckers in this country are motorbike enthusiasts in their spare time. I see no point to deliveries late at night disturbing the peace. Having an hgv myself i also know the skill involved in driving something larger than your pesty 7.5t driver.

Bottom line.Those of us that do have motorbikes, ride them with skill and duty of care and are let down by those that do not observe those skills taught to them at DAS(couriers, takeaway delivery etc).

CAT C, C+E and D licence holders are taught about tail swings, blind spots, mirror checks, height, width, weight and common sense in light of passengers and carrying loads when braking(apart from TFL, somewhat of a kellogs cornflakes licence).

Those that only have category B licence tend to forget about those skills taught to them and follow everyone else in the road (tarmac to tyre dont exist), without any due care for others on the road and sit in the white knuckle ride and drive to and from point A and B as best they do.

Driving any vehicle is a skill and the highway code should not be something you ‘once-upon-a-time’ learnt. “Bus lanes for motorbikes use anyway”

on New Kent Road toward Elephant & Castle during rush hours, i find it difficult not to use the bus lane. As I see it, 90% bikers ride on the edge of the empty bus lane, while the car column on the right is stationery . I don’t know that bikers can be caught by a camera and fined on bus lanes. Where is that camera, on buses or roadside?

I’ve been caught and fined in a bus lane before…

The cameras are up on poles (like street lights) and are monitored, so they actually turn around. I know because when I got caught, the camera was facing me and I saw it moving too late…

A week later, a nice photo of me appeared in the post…they charge so much more than track day photographers…:wink:

and on the same subject…can these guys use bus lanes:
Video - Bus lane use ok?


This is very bad news. Guiliano or anyone do you know if the A23 bus lanes will now revert to non-bike?:sick:

The Mayor’s press release says - “Motorcycles will continue to be allowed in the bus lanes in which they are already granted access. But Transport for London will not be extending the access to any further bus lanes under its control.”

Well at least that’s something :doze:

and the WHY?