Being a new rider - what is the consensus with riding in bus lanes? Can you guys clarify?

Your not allowed in most, but some you are

Leasten to the LB podcast, there you will hear it from the big guy on the British motorcycle industry association!

get on the podcast !!

charly is right, check out the times on the blue signs on bus lanes as most are not 24-7

I wouldnt ride in a bus lane. to dangerous. Go into the bus shelter, more comfort he he he

most bus lanes are only operational something like mon- sat 7-10am and 4-6pm- itll tell y ou on the signs

some lanes, for example on the A41 allow motorcyclists to use the lanes also, youll see the motorcycle logo on the sign post

ive been tempted to use a few myself, but heard its about a hundred quid fine if your caught- usually cameras on top of tall poles, cameras in front of buses and recently heard theres a silver smart car patrol to catch people

Highway Code

120: Bus and tram lanes. These are shown by road markings and signs. You MUST NOT drive or stop in a tram lane or in a bus lane during its period of operation unless the signs indicate you may do so.
Law RTRA sects 5 & 8

I do use the bus lane outside of operating hours. But be very cautious, other road-user who are too bone to read road signs get the hump and may move across to stop you “undertaking”. They also cut back across at the end of the bus lane without checking mirrors. But we all know that anyway.

Always look at the signs as there are a lot of bus lanes that are only week days.

IMO bus lanes are $HIT! (for bikes) and think it is about time Ken and co think about giving us the choice to ride in them or not. I have been done twice (before I got my “new” numberplate) and IMO that £100 has gone to some jobs worth waste of space!

If you think riding in Bus lanes is a good idea…


Click the link and vote in favour.