Bus Lanes open tomorrow - I'm confused!

OK, so tomorrow is the ‘big day’ :rolleyes:, the bus lanes will be opened to bikers.

However I am really confused as the new rules apparently only apply to certain routes - something to do with tfl lanes and local authority lanes :unsure:

How are we to know the difference . . . is there an army of blokes out tonight changing all the signs or what?

Is there going to be any leniency for riders who accidentally ride in closed lanes? (Not likely . . . !)

Whilst I’m all for opening things up, I do think making some lanes open and others not is going to be a right mess . . . Not opening up contra-flow lanes makes sense but why not just leave it at that eh?

What do others think?

Gawd! I’m an idiot I know . . .


. . . the ‘search’ function is my friend! :blush:


Basically my understanding is that bus lanes that have single or double red line(s) on the left hand side along the pavement can be used by motorcyclists from 5th January. Those with yellow lines cannot as their management belong to local councils (unless the local council has specifically advised otherwise).

Yes, after reading up on it today I think you are right. The ‘Red Routes’ are those operated by TfL and the ones in which we can ride.

I have a horrible feeling we are going to have scary time as people adapt to the scheme - take care people!


Not quite right… There are some red routes that you CAN’T ride on. Despite being under TFL control, they’ve been excluded from the trial.

So enjoy the fines, confusion or accidents that this will cause.

Mayor of London - because we only care enough to do a half assed job of things.

went to london today and only found one lane where bikes are not permited:) all signs have been changed, at least on the route i took :wink: so basically you could have use bus lanes today:D

the best thing to avoid confusion is to read the signs before using them!!:cool:

Which lane was not biker friendly?

the one on park road!!

Also the buslane in Lambeth from Lower Marsh Street to past St George’s is NOT bike friendly. Bet they make a huge amount of money on this one. I found 95% of the buslanes were clearly marked if you were allowed to use them. Made the journey a tad smoother, I only dip into them if I need to.

Yeah its all about reading the signs, same as before :slight_smile:

99% of the A3 is biker friendly now, and make my journey a lot smoother. Apart from the 25m part at the end after the traffic lights before the roundabout before elephant and castle where there is a concrete barrier down the middle…a pity cos that is a nasty two lanes of cars going into one lane on a tight right hand corner job and would be nice to miss that melee…

well all the 1s here all have a motorcycle logo on it now:cool: