Bus Lane Tickets!!

hi folks,

am pee’d off. Have just received a bus lane ticket, whilst on my bike in West Hendon Broadway (A5). (The one going north after Cool Oak Lane)

It transpires that it is a Barnet Council one, rather than a TFL one.

How can you be expected to know which is which. I know that you should look for the bike picture on the sign, but there are still some TFL ones which don’t have the signs updated.

Will give an appeal a go, but has anyone had a stroke of luck and got off these. Common sense does not prevail with these camera operators. (It was a real time camera on a post)

Grateful of thoughts.

I’s stay out of the one with no updated sign, and use the one with it on…
Just comes down to observations…
Tough to get a ticket though, unlucky

is it a red route? if its not unfortunately you’re not allowed in it.I haven’t come across a red route bus lane that we’re not allowed in unless you can prove me wrong.

didn’t somebody else rack up loadsa fines for riding in a barnet council bus lane?

kato, the barnet one was in the papers, which was in Edgware has been removed.Looks like I shall have to assist Barnet with their debt problems by investing in a donantion of £60!

Sounds like an invstment with an Icelandic bank, with similar nil returns!:stuck_out_tongue:

there are not bike usable bus lanes in barnet

Even on red routes, if there are no bikes on the bus lane signs, bikes are not allowed - eg the new bus lane at Balham Station on the A24.

If there is no sign the bus lane is not enforceable - eg the red route bus lane under the bridge in Clapham High Street on the A3 and where the red route recommences under the bridge in Westminster Bridge Road.

I live in Barnet and i wish Barnet council would open their eyes and open bus lanes for bikes.

You answered your own question!!! :smiley:
Pay the fine, and learn from your mistake!!