BUS LANE ticket (x2 in two consecutive days)......

Hi All,

I need your advice. I got two tickets for the Buse Lane at the end of Bloomsbury street on the right hand side, in two consecutive days (one on the 30th of May and one on the 1st of June). With regards to the signs the council is OK and it is my fault. I hope though you understand as the traffic was very busy and trying to get work in the morning.

However the Bus Lane is not painted red, it is instead on normal road/grey colour. That’s in contradiction to the bus lane on the left hand side of the road a few meters before, which is painted red. Do you think I would stand any chances if I appeal?

Also one of the tickets says that the penalty charge notice was given on the 1st of May, whereas the camera says the photo was taken on the 30th of May. Any chances with that?



Can’t recommend this forum enough:

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Best place for this type of advice. Helped me out loads…:smiley:

Camden love their bus lane tickets, I’ve had one on Southampton Row… they made access to the left hand lane so small it’s a joke.

Were you there on 1st of May? I’m guessing probably not… I’d say one of your FPN’s contains a ‘material error’

I had the same with Lambeth, image said 7th Jan, FPN said 8th Jan… I knew I was there on the 7th… so I wrote back stating that I wouldn’t pay the FPN as it contained a material error! they were too thick to work it out and by the time they did it was too late and they had to drop it. Still they wouldn’t admit that they made a mistake, they just said that it was cancelled because their customer service hadn’t been up to scratch!

So my advice would be to pay the one that is correctly drawn up and challenge the other one, **but don’t tell them what’s wrong with it! That’s their job! **

Good luck…

Jap Thats exactly where I got done the other week, I appealed cos there is no sign to tell you what time the bus lane is in force, they sent me more photos of the restiction notice, its at ANY TIME! Problem is the notice that tells you its at ANY TIME is about 100 yards before the bus lane starts, the notice just as the bus lane starts and the ones along the lane to the traffic lights dont have a time on them,(by the way I entered the bus lane half way down so I didnt see any signs about restictions) they didnt agree with my argument and they said its the responsability of all road users to know the restictions of the roads they use! I have just paid Camden Council 60 friggin quid. Go to the website and have a look at the video. Appeal anyway, It dont cost anything, let us know how you get on.