bus lane sign dispute

ok…having a long argument with a couple of mates about bus lane signs.

1 is saying you should not be on the bus lane in the time zone although bike picture is up on the sign…

1 is saying he got a fine for being on the bus lane in the time zone although there is a bike picture up on the sign…

so I thought I will post a thread to ask, what exactly does this sign mean??

As far as I know, any vehicles that listed on the sign above are allow to use bus lane at any time?? and time zone at bottom is for any other vehicles that are not listed above?? such as normal private cars, vans, lorries and trucks etc??

Thanks for anyone’s answers.

You are correct.

Indeed, as Szymon says, you are correct.

I suspect your mates are just winding you up. Very difficult to imagine they’re serious.

trust me…they are serious… 5 grown man are involved in the argument…:crazy:

Easy one to sort out. Look up the highway code online and it’ll tell you that you are correct and your mates shouldn’t be on the road :slight_smile:

this one has come up before… it does confuse people but yes, if the bike is there, you are allowed at all times :slight_smile:

it is called a bus lane, meaning it is for buses & anything else pictured :slight_smile:

Here’s a bus lane debate from the other day. Entering a bus lane at any point other than the small broken line section at the start - Illegal or not? Crossing a solid white line unless its overtaking a slow vehicle etc? Surely it must be? But in that case every bus, biker and taxi driver is a career criminal…?

Between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Saturday, only the vehicles listed on the sign are allowed in the bus lane.

Outside of those times, it is open to all traffic.

You are correct. When you say ‘mates’ do you mean ‘patients’?

A white line says that there is a potential offence in crossing the line. Exactly when and if there is an offence depends on where the line is, other road markings, and signs. In the case of a bus lane, anything on the sign can cross the line and anything else can cross outside the hours of operation. A white line separating you from traffic travelling in the opposite direction is a different thing. You can still cross it in certain circumstances, for example to pass a stationary vehicle. A solid white line between lanes at a light controlled junction, are different again, as are chevrons bounded by a solid line etc.

I’ll tell you what this argument means. It’s time to find some friends with an IQ higher than their age.

Good to hear. I’d been riding on this basis.