Bus Lane Lesson!!!

Been riding 3 weeks and every bus lane on my commute is bike friendly…apart from 1 it seems!!

Was greeted last night when I go home with a bus lane fine from Lambeth council… and jumped straight on Google Street view to find they are right… DOH!!

There is a small stretch of bus lane that bikes cannot use on Kings Avenue, I think its because it passes a school.

I am a little concerned now as I cannot remember if I have used it after this, could be an expensive mistake!

Im so annoyed with myself as its such an easy fine to avoid!!!

I think it was an unattended camera so will hate the postman for the next week or so :crazy:

Didn’t know that they changed the rules around schools - I’ll have to be extra careful now- thanks for the heads up even though it will sting you.

The bus lane on Kings Avenue is a camera one and is not open to motorbikes - plus don’t overtake the traffic island near the Acre Lane end of Kings Avenue when passing the queue of traffic. I once did that and got a fine through the post.

However, 2 days ago I was biking down Kings Avenue going to work and saw someone on a 125 overtaking the line of traffic ON THE PAVEMENT!! Hope that wasn’t you :D:D

Ha Ha, definitely wasn’t me on the pavement but I might have gone around the island once before :blush:

Im starting to detest that road now…

There are a few bits of bus lane knocking around that motorbikes aren’t allowed in, Waterloo bridge is one and there’s a ridiculous 20m long section on the A3 near E&C roundabout in newington butts.
I don’t know if it’s an error updating the signs, stupid planning or a cunning method of revenue generation. Bloody annoying either way.

the 20 metre stretch directly in front of Kings Cross is not open to motorbikes…never mind the two miles before and after is!

Oh feck! Didn’t notice that bit…

…and another £65 to welcome me home. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Shite dude, that sucks balls big time!!

I’m fuming with myself… I think worse case another 3 :frowning:

So glad I decided to try different routes this week.

Had the same lesson, mine turned a bit worse when I didn’t pay first and second notice and I received 200 pounds charge to pay. I was a bit depressed because of this case but at the end I managed to avoid it speaking with Islington council. They finally decided to cancel it and since that surprise I decided not to use bus lanes and I do it only if there is a huge traffic that I can’t filter in any other way and when I’m sure that the sign clearly allows motorbikes in the lane.

I think if i get another I will call Lambeth council and try my luck. Like you i am going to steer clear of bus lanes unless im 100% sure I can use them.

you should definitively try to challenge them. afterall, its the same mistake so they should be able to cancel some of the ticket if not all of them.

Think I will, il post back my results!

Interesting article in the Sunday Times today about councils rolling out a new automated traffic monitoring camera system that can process 4x as many tickets as the current manually controlled ones. They cost £17,000 each, but as they can process 1,000 £65 tickets an hour somehow I don’t think the initial cost will put off councils from buying them.


Probably different from council to council but in Lambeth I recall reading that if the bus lane is on a Red Route it’s open to us… All others I check before entering. Kings Ave being one I pass every day so know better.

Watch out though - this is 50 metres outside of lambeth, just over the border into southwark

That one must be a right money maker if they keep an eye on it… I must see at least 3-4 every day going through there…

I’ve been through that one countless times and nothing yet.

thought as much… but it would help if they put up the proper signs.