Bus lane fine

Anyone got any form for getting off a buslane fine since the new TFL scheme? I appear to have been hit by a buslane fine (and a 'parking on the pavement, which I will be appealing as I was broken down at the time, and having to push it from Tower Bridge Road to More London up Tower Bridge Road - if TFL are really trying to tell me that is a good idea, I will quite happily have it out with them) - Not sure where it is yet (may be a lane that is not signed up, but is on the list, and the maps are very unclear), but I think I entered some way down, having not been in a position to see the signs at the beginning of the bus lane.

Anyone appealed one of these? I have years ago (way before the trial) based on time (papped at 6.58, when lane opens up at 7), but don’t think I’ll get away with that.


So let me get this straight, cause it is a bit of a mess, your bike had broken down, you were pushing it along and went in a bus lane and got a fine?

Your thread isn’t really clear on what actually happened, might be useful to know the details?

No, it isn’t really, its a bit of a rant.

I got a ‘parking on the pavement’ fine when I was on Tower Bridge Road for parking on the pavement, but I was broken down at the time and pushing it from Tower Bridge Road (only just north of Old Kent Road) to More London on Tooley Street. I will be strongly appealing that one.

About 10 minutes previously, I got a bus lane fine. I have a suspicion that it was on Newington Butts where I think the signs say no - I entered halfway down and only noticed the sign change recently (I think) - but its on the list of permitted bus lanes. I can’t think of anywhere else I would have violated. Unless it was touching a bus lane on the Wandsworth Road just before Vauxhall Cross. Will find out later, and possibly ask for the video if pics are unclear as to the exact infringement.

Were you heading north? There’s a sneaky bit of bus lane where just through the lights where it’s not a bus lane for about 50 metres - I went through it a few times on my commute before I realised. Happens again on the e&c roundabout a bit further up, again for another 100 metres or so.



Its past that point. I come in at Kennington Lane. All of which should be bus lane according to the TFL website, although I think I noticed that the signage is not right. I will find out this evening though.

Pretty certain its Newington Butts, going North from Kennington Lane to Dante Road. Going by Google Maps, there is a section (behind the traffic island) which is signed as buses and cycles only which I think I dipped into. However, the trial pdf showing on the tfl website (http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/motorcycles-in-bus-lanes.pdf) shows this as a permitted section. I am not aware of any more up to date list, and this is one of the first things that comes up on the tfl website of bikes in buslanes. The maps they have produced are unclear on this section. I think I will be fighting both of these tickets.

Yeah, the picture I posted is of the sign. The bus lane in question is just beyond the lights - it’d be right in front of you as you pass the lights on Kennington lane (has a bit of traffic island on the right) and the ‘no bikes’ bit extends to the first junction on your left which means you have to go down the right of the island before cutting into the bus lane.

It’s a stupid bit of bus lane, I’ve never understood why bikes aren’t allowed in that bit. Happens again on the e&c roundabout.

Isn’t there some rule that the bus lane has to be signed from 50 metres back or something?


Just saw your post, that’s the one - I see loads of people riding down that of a morning. I’ve been meaning to write to tfl about it for ages, maybe I’ll do that tonight now that you’ve reminded me.

monkimark (05/08/2011)

Funnily enough, I’ll be doing the very same thing… :wink:

Yeah that bit is the stupidest bit of bus lane there exists…

Yeah, what a great idea - “let’s make bikes swerve from the bus lane into the right hand lane and back for no reason. Just for good measure, we’ll put the sign telling them about it in front of a traffic light so that it’s always got a double decker bus parked in front of it.” :angry:

Found out that actually they are both when I broke down - stopping on a red route (actually a loading bay on a red route) and parking on the pavement.

I have sent a lovely letter back in my finest legalese, with the following defences:Single continuous action, therefore to the extent that either ticket is valid, only one can be valid
No offence - ‘stopping’ and ‘parking’ each connote an ability to move away i.e. an element of choice, therefore I did not commit those offences.Duress of circumstance would provide an absolute non-statutory defenceIf they have charged me under the law I think they have (but they haven’t quoted it - another whinge I will be having, see below), circumstances beyond my control is an absolute statutory defenceMitigating circumstances - fortunately I have an email to/from my facilities management saying that I had problems on the way in, and will have to leave my bike in the car park for a few days.
I will also be writing to Boris and my MP to whinge about the fact that a) they do not quote the legal authorisation for their action, so it is very difficult to defend against - good luck finding any London parking regs, and b) the video footage is only available from the TFL offices. In BN13. Worthing. If you cannot go there, you have to effectively do a DPA request and pay your £10. I personally see this as a gross impediment to justice, and cannot see any justification whatsoever.

We’ll see how it goes.

you could always say you work for Addison Lee…thay havent paid a bus lane fine in years.

They want TFL to take them to court as they believe that allowing black cabs but not minicabs in buslane is unfair competition and TFL laywers have advised TFL they will probably lose. So end result TFL dont even bother issuing fines to Addison Lee cabs …great isnt it