¿Bus lane? cameras on waterloo bridge

Can’t work it out, are they bus lane cameras or not? I frigging hate Waterloo Bridge’s ridiculous no motorbikes in bus lane policy!

Westminster Bridge is open to motorcycles going northbound. But not south. Wtf?

Yes the no motorcycles in the bus lane on Waterloo bridge is not good especially in light of the GLA report this month. This is why every motorcyclist should be lobbying there local borough to let motorcycles in to bus lanes. There are over 100,000 people on powered two wheelers so if enough people get in touch with their local council especially Westminster which according to Leon Manning looks to be one of the council’s to most inclined to let bikes in to bus lanes first.
With the mayoral elections it’s now a good time to be Emailing the candidates to ask them if they have a plan to get motorcycles in to bus lanes as well.
I know MAG have been lobbying for this across the capital for a long time. Leon Manning got motorcycles into all Tfl bus lanes and as been working towards getting the local councils to do the same.
If you want it to happen then start doing something about it.

A friend from work was caught by a camera on westminster bridge 3 or 4 years ago, don’t know if it’s still operational though.

Battersea bridge is the other annoying bridge. Single file traffic and a huge bus lane without many buses.

I watched a ride apart video on YouTube and they quoted a study in Belgium (I think). In large cities! if 10% of car drivers switched to bikes there would be a 40% reduction in congestion. Not sure how true that is but demonstrates governments determination to ignore the positives of two wheels.

Plus, there’s so many cyclists in the bus lane on Waterloo Bridge that buses don’t even use it, they just straddle the two lanes

The only logical solution here is to encourage (bully) one in ten people you work with into becoming a biker. Choose wisely.

Re Westminster Bridge southbound, there isn’t actually a sign up and there hasn’t been for years.  I have therefore always assumed I can ride in it (as you are allowed to northbound), but if I was ever issued a penalty,  I would appeal it on the grounds that there is inadequate signage!

That’s probably justifiable but I did ask TFL and they confirmed it. They didn’t respond when I asked why it was different on the northbound lane. Dicks.

hi all … I found this the other day while reading about bikes in bus lanes … didn’t even know this map existed … might help some people, on my ride to work I cant believe the amount of bikes just go in the bus lanes… I pulled up beside a rider the other morning and warned there was a camera, she said “I thought I was allowed in all bus lanes”…


+1 Tyger800Tim - It seems the British thing to do is complain about things but not act on them.  Perhaps one of those change petitions ?? a London Biker forum one

According to the TFL map, bikes are allowed both ways on Westminster Bridge. Anybody know where to find maps for the rest of London?

Got it, maps for all of London are here :- https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/red-routes/rules-of-red-routes/bus-lanes/motorcycles-in-bus-lanes#on-this-page-0