Bus lane camera's, jamaica rd

As above pepes on the approach to rotherhithe tunnel, saw em doing em couple of days back.
might have put more up along there too so look out.

Not more sodding cameras.

For them as may not know already, buses have forward-facing cameras on the front to ‘monitor’ bus lanes.

Did you know that the CCTV on a bus can not be used on its own to charge a driver? Another joke is that buses only do 26mph (could be 28 but not 100%) in a 30mph area. I told the mate that informed me that this was a joke .

Are there any bus drivers on here that can clear this up? I’ve also got some other funny stories that he told me which on the face of it would make you think that buses, and their drivers were a lot better that most of us give them credit for.


your comment on your girls road I have found that most times it is peeple not knowing the area, my office is based on a oneway and all the time you see people going the wrong way but is clear they do not have a clue… You could put up cameras but you would have to put up signs stating the cameras are there otherwise it would be completely usless.

Right, bus lane camera’s on the side of the road facing to the rear of vehicles to catch pepes using said bus lane.

on the face of it would make you think that buses, and their drivers were a lot better that most of us give them credit for.

Having lived for the past three years with a London bus driver, my attitude towards them has changed completely.

I know as well as anyone else that there are some bad ones - attitude, mostly - but how much of that is caused by other road-users’ and passengers’ attitude towards them?

A ‘standard’ double decker weighs around ten tons. A full load of passengers, some of whom are standing, adds another five.

I don’t think the Authorities hand out PSV licences willy-nilly.

I think any poor driving is noticed merely because the buses are so obvious.

When did you last ‘let the bus go first’ or did you curse because the bus hadn’t pulled into the kerb to let the passengers off, simply because the driver knows it’s unlikely that other traffic will give way when he needs to get going again?

Please don’t think I’m ‘having a go’ - I don’t need anyone to tell me I’m very far from perfect; it’s just that I’ve been in the fortunate position of having seen, albeit second-hand, what a difficult task driving a bus in London very often is.

I should add my partner rides a BMW R1150RT which replaced a 750 Ninja so is aware of the hazards of riding in London.