Bus lane camera database

Does anyone know where I can find the location of bus lane cameras within central London?

I have been caught once, and would like to know where to avoid them!

I’ve done a brief Search but can’t find a comprehensive list.

However, it seems that some of the individual London Borough websites list the locations of the ones in their area.

I hadn’t realised that Bus Lane cameras run constantly like CCTV cameras, unlike Speed Cameras. I expect everyone else knew.

P.S. It looks as if this book may be of use:


It’s just best to avoid them during operation hours! Some buses also have cameras on them.

good thing taxis don’t


Why don’t we then start our own database, based on the individual’s local knowledge of London, so that bikers can take advantage of empty bus lanes.

My entry is:

Westminster Bridge Road, Southbound, past the pelican crossing and before Baylis road. I was caught on April 1st.

Here’s the map:


Another one is on Piccadilly, eastbound, between Sackville street and Eros.

Here’s the map:


I only use the bus lanes if it says im allowed to or if the times on the board say`s i can.

Don’t get me wrong. I would not use the bus lanes illegally.

But there are times when the bus lane is out of bounds for all bus buses and taxis, only for them to be sitting on the other lane which is for everyone else.

That is how I got caught, on the Westminster Bridge Road, 3 buses queueing to turn right, and a completely empty bus lane on the left, so I decide to make progress, and snap… picture was in the post, together with a request for £100.

I work as a courier in london & in & out of bus lanes all day. Imo theres’s to many camara’s out there to remember, unless your on your regular route. I see it, (all common sence really.) Before entering them make sure you ain’t got a bus coming up behind you, taxi’s are always good for a bit of cover. Take it easy so you can take in where the camara’s & police cars sitting in the traffic are and the driver that wants to turn left, and thinks i’ll just shoot down the bus lane for the last 50yds & cuts you up without even looking. Try to keep on the legal side of the line when pos, cause the nice officer hiding behind the bus stop up ahead might see it your not taking the complete p*ss, most are human & relize it’s part of filtering. (even had a smile off em, must of got there leg over that morn ) I think the biggest risk is being at the front of traffic lights, no exit from the bus lane & a bus comes along behind you, seen so many comuters do this. I know this is not database, but might help a few novice’s out there