bus jump

street view


head cam


little feckers :cool:


I’m not sure if you know this, and if not, I’m sorry to break it to you, but this is fake. It’s a promo by Google for the HTC Hero which runds Googles Android OS.

Wicked vid though, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Reminds me of the “bus surfing” excuse for killing the gas man in Bottom:D

Too fake :wink:

For starters theirs a third person doing the filming on the street view video who isnt there on the first person one? haha

Thank you Miss Marple:P

Worth a try though eh, Frogga do you have a route that could be used;)

Double sided sticky tape on the lampost for grip, but you can’t fail to be impressed with his athletisism.:wink:

If you need anything else i’ll be pulling weeds in the garden…

That was a fake, probably done by the same people who did the CGI for the “Catwoman” film.This is real, albeit somewhat less spectacular. Funny that although the video has been on Youtube since 2008, Maidstone Police have only just cottoned on

This one’s quite funny, includes full motorcycle protective gear (apart from the boots, and possibly jacket)…

(I should make it clear I do not condone in any way such irresponsible behaviour; please don’t try this at home, kids)