bus driver assault caught on camera...


Take it that the customer didn’t like the driving style?


He took a good beating, well done for staying awake through it though mate, bloomin good.

Hope the bugger got pinched good.

WTF that must of hurt a lot!

i hate people like that i cant believe why someone would be like that

Yeah I know what you mean - sitting there just taking a beating he should of hit him back…

Only kidding I know what you meant and agree! I wouldn’t be surprised if the Police gave him a shoeing of camera - well we can hope!

That’s discusting… I’m glad the bastard got cought by the police… Bully!!

i cant beleive he sat there and took it, id waited for him to walk away then got out my chair and give him a “hurracaine kick to the lip”

very coward …

thats a f****ing disgrace! what on earth makes people do things like that, and why the hell did the driver just sit there!! i no im not very big but i woulda smacked the guy one!!

Why didn’t he hit him fight back or even shout, im sorry for the bus driver but he should have stood up for himself

what an amazing display of self control, you have to credit the driver, it was more than i could put up with.

that poor man…I HATE BULLYS!!!

WTF is wrong with these people !!!

followed by a sonic boom and a hadoken uppercut!!! no chance simon!!!

i bet you float like a bus and sting like johnsons baby lotion!!! haha