Burnt Out GATSO's On A2 - They've Been Replaced

Noticed on the way in to work today that the burnt out speed camera’s on the A2 have been replaced going London bound - didnt see if the camera going the other way has been replaced yet but more than likely it has been :slight_smile:

dam it…ill remember that for the way home. thanks dude

have you seen the new gatsos? they are bout 20ft in the air and much smaller…no way to burn those babies (well, not without much difficulty)

Is that the laser ones? No flash either so you dont know if you were caught or not :stuck_out_tongue:

Well they’ll just take a picture of whatevers on the road the same as a normal GATSO I think so they probably would be able to :slight_smile:

holy crap never knew they was laser, thanks for the heads up, now ill go even more carefully :<

on a level though, would they pick up a small bike plate? or does it depends on speed?