not nice!


what an idiot!!!:w00t:


thought that was ratty46:D:hehe:

Whoops!! :smiley:

bet the guy with the blade is feeling lucky!


yep, but why didn’t he help the lad out?
as usual, watch!.

I shouldn’t laugh, but im going to hahahahahahhha that was as funny as fuk


Had to watch it over and over he’s should be thankful that didn’t happen on the start finish straight after wining a GP :hehe::w00t::hehe:

I hate to laugh at other’s misfortune . . . but that is absolutely hilarious . . . especially as he even gives up trying to get up. Poor guy looks beaten! :D:D

and the car looked remarkably untouched as well…remember guys, practice where there is noone else!!

LMAO!!! what was he thinking!


PISH OFF!!! :angry::stuck_out_tongue:

Utter tit. If that had been my car and I’d seen it happen I’d have beaten him like a red headed step child.

gotta agree with elad…best to try it out of earshot, eyesight and contact with other people, cars and cameras…


Just watched it again with the Lady you gotta laugh :hehe:

Very funny, did,nt see any of this at Hastings yesterday, everyones too scared of being on U tube when they Fk up.

we all learn from our mistakes so:

mistake…dropping bike

lesson…make sure no ones got a f##kin camera so they can post it on utube and show the whole poxy world was a complete arse you made of yourself and refer to to you as a tit head, dickhead and enjoy a good laugh at your expence for eternity, or at least until you catch them f##kin up on camera or sh##ing the dog