Burnout.... ?


(malakas= jerk)

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (point and laugh)

iv got one better on my phone tho my mate was on his scooter reving up as much as he could then he pushed it off the stand

dose he

a) go realy realy fast

b) stay in one place and the bike flys off

c)pull a wheely and land it


d) flip the bike while on it and the bike lands on top of him with every one laughing at him caught on camera


but wait it gets better

this was my other mate showing off to girls on his 100cc PURELY CUSTOM and i mean everything was custom by darkside modifications speedfight 1 not speedfight 2 but 1 you cant even get them any more

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=df9Q4dYWPMs haha pmsl i was there aswell LOLOL

burnout was pathetic

kid on the ped must av felt like a right pillock but i bet them girls were all sympathetic towards him afterwards.

his ped looked well bright with all the l.e.ds could av been blinded by the light lol

Engine waiting to blow that is

Bit like these shots off your site mate

Is that what happened? Engine went bang?

Great shots btw

Looking good

Hmmm…Somethings not quite right


Great vid mate, but when were you last in Greece ? I seem to remember malakas meant something a little bit worse than “jerk”

weeeelllll didnt want to swear on LB

LOL, not good enough, we are multilingual here mate !!

No, the tyre was burnt out until it popped. The engine was roasting though, over-heating and spilling coolant on the ground. Lonnnggggggggg time ago those pictures were taken.

didnt he see the wall??