Burnout Paradise gets bikes...

Linky Linky. New bike pack for Burnout Paradise due this month, its looking gooooood :wink: May make up for the dispointment of SBK08??

Alegedly, the full game is also due to be released as a PSN/XBL download, which is handy coz I aint got it… Yet. If not its the kind of game that you’ll find in the trade in section of GAME etc going cheap.


Looking forward to this big time. There hasn’t been a good bike game in ages! I want a remake of Road Rash!! I did enjoy the bikes in GTA4 though.

This is out on Thursday the 18th September! Get in!


burnout paradise is a quality game :slight_smile:
looking fwd to those bikes

Fire up BP today and it’ll automatically download the bike pack. You get two bikes in your junk yard from the off. Man they are fast! eeek!

[/edit] OMG! Wheelie Donuts LOL! The GFX are outstanding! I’m more impressed than I expected, bring on the LB community BPBike sesh! Awesome! :wink: [/edit]

well after being off line for ages I finally got this sorted again (to play cod5) also thought I’d download the update, now I agree the GFX and even the sounds is sh!t hot, but was a little disappointed to be honest as all you can do is wheel and d’nuts no stoppies or anything like that…