Burning Bike - Marylebone Road

There was a post on here recently about a burning bike on Marylebone Road - someone in my mate’s office managed to get some pictures - I don’t think this one’s gonna be recoverable :w00t:








Looks like a late fireblade :smiley: …OUCH! :smiley:

that car in the 3rd photo looks awesome

was thinking the same thing:cool:

How sh1t having your bike go up in flames in front of everyone in town - poor bloke! Loose/ruptured fuel line from tank/carburretors p1ssing petrol over hot engine?

Looks like a Gallardo to me…

Reminds me of an accident I saw just off Gordon Square, near UCL, about 3 years ago, sportsbike went onto a pavement at speed and smashed through railings and down into a recess to the basement level of a house and caught fire, lots of flames and smoke, thought the whole building was going to go up. Very dramatic. The rider was ok.

Looks like the biker lying next to the building in the 1st photo.

Yeah I noticed that, understandably he probably didn’t want to watch his bike ablaze.

damn!! :w00t:

Now thats what I call a ‘burnout’!:D:D

Nic Cage wasn’t it? Ghost Rider?

What’s the betting that it’s an R6?

yup, and looks to have the rear wing/some of the tweaks so think its the gallardo superleggera (super light)

sat in one at a supercar club in knightsbridge. gave me wood :smiley:

In flame red:P