Burnham Bends - reviews needed

Anyone been to the Burnham bends?


From what I’ve seen on google maps, its about 1 mile long of almost 45degree bends (9 of them) so seems a bit of a pointless trip?

The road is bendy. On a Sunday it is often inhabited by nobbers and watched by police constables from a helicopter. There is sometimes quite a bit of two-way car traffic offering few overtaking opportunities. There is a crappy café at the end. Should suit you nicely Lewis :slight_smile:

Edit: The aforementioned café is not the new one advertised on LB today - that is not open yet.

I’ve done the bends load’s of times and they are good for a blast, go down to the end of that road,turn right and follow it down and just as the road narrows there’s a cafe on the right and the only place in the UK where you can legally park your bike. I’ve got to be honest that last year I gave it a bit of a miss as the law helicopter (that does do you for speeding) was out most Sundays if the sun looked remotely like it was going to show, it hovers between the Burnham road and the A130 so if you do fancy it keep your eyes peeled. If you haven’t done Finchingfeild that a good run but they do hide out on some of the roads along there as well, If you fancy a little further try out through Haverhill or Thaxted up to Barton mills cafe. If you don’t know where that is you will find it off the Mildenhall A11 roundabout and then go up the Swaffam road (I think it the 1065), from there carry on up untill you find the sign for Bury St Ed’s, turn right and through the forest. All of them are great routes and you can open it up a bit as well, I went up there at the weekend for a cuppa and with the sun out had a really good country ridout.

All the best

Cheers Bandit. Yeah we do the FF runs and around. Not sure if it was worth the hours journey for crap bunch of ‘wannabe’ bends.

Doesnt sound like our scene (thanks fo your concern Jetstream :smiley: )

BB used to be worth the journey many years ago. As Jizzstream said, it got full of riders with shiny bits of plastic on their knees that ruined the flow rate in the corners. The infamous route to FF is much better cause most of the route is a challenge and the shiny knee plastic is over at BB’s!

no they fecking aint!:smiley:

get out earlier lewis, less other knobbers, less old bill, and the helicopter often aint up till later…same as FF really just a lot shorter.

Ill stick with the back roads to FF.

My mate Sneaks taught me how not to do them :smiley:

yeh dont listen to him, he is old and has no idea…:Whistling:

He’s slow too. And blows smoke :smiley:

At BB there is also a photographer most Sunday’s, who can take pics of your shiny bits of plastic :smiley:

No doubt the best roads around Essex will be A1057, A1053, 1017 etc.

But you asked about The Burnham Bends and they ain’t so bad, something different. I’ve taken a few on here around them with no complaints although I usually throw something else in there with them and use it as a wind down. Bradwell Marina does a decent cuppa if you fancy a 2 mile detour half way round.

It’s a little more than 9 bends over a mile too, here’s the 40 mile route I use Googlie Maps wotsit here

The photographer Rusty mentions is Matt Birch, if he has nothing else on he shoots (photographs) around the Burnham bends. His website is at mattbirchpictures.photoshelter.com

Happy days

Too true! :smiley:

Worth doing as part of a ride around Essex generally. Last time I was out that way was in November and hardly saw another bike all day…