burgled in our sleep

good news the police lifted a print from the flat an have found a match so atleast the scum is gonna get a slap on the wrist if nothing else

cheers for your support was out in the early hours hopeing to catch up with some would be scum in the local area to no avail me an my girl are fine emotional as well as physically we have both lived abit thanks again

admin sorry for the double thread

Redrat, I’m glad to hear the Police have got something to go on! Is a single fingerprint enough to prosecute them with? If they got this break, they might get another and find your missing property! I hope so, crossing my fingers for you… Don’t worry about the double post.

They need a hell of a lot more than a slap on the wrist!

There is no excuse for that - none at all.

Lets hope the Police do the job.

brilliant news redrat, good luck.

jay, with a single lifted fingerprint, it is not enough to pursue with having the offender prosecuted. it depends on how many points the fingerprint has-which requires 16.

sixteen points on the pattern from the suspect have to match with the same points from the crime scene.

IIRC, nine points are all that are needed to identify a suspect, but with 16 it is a rebuttable presumption that the suspect left the mark.

a fingerprint alone won’t secure a prosecution. all it will do is prove that a person was at a particular place or had contact with a particular object. the very same with DNA. there has to be corroborative evidence in addition.

Glad to hear it, maybe get a little retribution!!! theiving scumbags. Hope you get your stuff back Redrat.

in the past i’ve thought about electric currents through door handles and locks to prevent the f*cks from getting anywhere near…

similarly with cars etc… it can be done… whether its legal is another question…

i mean if your allow an electric fence then why not some form of electric device on a bike / car / front door that prevents them from getting close… just big enough to give them a good shock… let them know what they’re in for u know!!


Hope they catch the feckers Paul!

they matched the print to a sam holmes he is apart of a gang from the mottingham estate who go round doing this sort of thing the guy is only 14 yrs old obviously the baby of the bunch of scum no doubt i will be bumping into these guys in the not so distance future!!!

Just before you kill him, ask him if it was him that tried to steal my bike at the weekend. If it was, leave him for me, I’m much more creative when it comes to violence. Plus, there’s already a nice big deep hole dug next to my house for the foundations of a new house…