chicken burger,





doner meat,


how did you manage to eat that in one go Ginger???

when the fook did he eat that one???

last night outside cubana…could have fed a third world country on that for a month…

Ginger told me of his feat when I arrived.

How on earth can anyone eat so much !!

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It wasn’t a burger it was a scooby shnak.

In fact has anyone seen the film The Great Outdoors with John Candy? he had to eat a 96 ounce steak including the gristle…I reckon ginge could do five of them…because he has super powers…or just a really big appetite!!!

MMM makes me hungry!

Wonder how much that lot cost?

think it cost about ten yrs off his life…

It really was a Scooby snack compared to the lot he put away at the bikeout for Ali! Ick…

An apertiser!!!

ah hes a growing lad let the boy eat… and eat and eat