Burger anyone?


Just a little horsey. I wonder if Clare Balding likes them?

Its the second best use of horse that I can think of. Landmine clearing being number one.

as long as we know whats in it i dont see the issue. the big retailers put so much pressure on the producers generally this sort of thing will increase. i dont see why we dont eat foxes and sea gulls, theres so many arou d and they dont seem to be doing much other than clear up our wasted food! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was having a convo with someone the other day about horse meat, was telling my mate that she’d probably unwittingly eaten horse meat already, she disagreed, this proves my therory!! haha There are actually a lot of countries that eat horse meat and many of them in europe too.

I’m not a veggie so meat is meat, no issues here. Didn’t they also find traces of pork in them as well which is bad news for people who for religious reasons don’t eat pork!

I’ve had many a horse steak, very nice too. :slight_smile:

I’ve eaten zebra. Thats a stripey horse. Quite nice.
Recently in Zimbabwe I saw a cross between a zebra and a donkey. Called a Zonkey. True.

How many years looking for Shergar? Should have just popped down to Tesco :stuck_out_tongue:

Given the smell of foxes either alive or dead, I’d rather become a vege.

We are way too squeamish in UK. Puppies and kittens for breakfast I reckon…:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I wouldn’t vermin either but I’d rather choose what Im eatibg. Seems like buying from a supermarket doesnt let you do that.

You just need to buy from the right supermarket, that’s all.

Does god judge you if you eat pig by mistake thinking it’s cow?

Having watched Claire Balding tuck into a roast beef lunch (assuming it was beef) she likes her meat rare! :smiley:

my God doesn’t. but then mine doesn’t have a problem with bacon sandwiches

Squirrel is nice too. Bit stringy if not cooked right.

Well I suspect that anyone who abides by such dietary strictures wouldn’t be buying Tesco burgers expecting them to be halal/kosher in the first place.

Meat is meat. I have eaten many wierd meats including, snake, pigeon, crocodile, various antelope types. Then again, coming from South Africa we be used that kinda stuff hehehehehe.

You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten Nigerian Goats head soup…that’s sorts the men from the boys :smiley:

You can actually see the brain :w00t:

Just heard of a new burger launch…My Lidl Pony :smiley:

point is, it has to be what it says on the packet, end of. if not, it is a big deal. what if you’re allergic to something?

i dont mind people eating horses (very common in italy) as long as its their choice.

i personally dont want to as i love horses and i really dont like the taste of it. so if i was to buy a beef burger from tesco and discover that horse meat has been imposed on me, i would be quite peed off.