Bungling Novice

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s the Goose!

Good afternoon everybody. My name is Nick, (or Snakey), I ride a K3 Gixxer thou - my third Gixxer - just can’t kick the habit! (All purchased from Doohan - I guess a lot of you know him!). I live SW London and work with PJ and Sacha :w00t: I don’t know why they are on here though, I would have thought they might be better off on ‘Londondrivers.com’ !!:stuck_out_tongue:

I have been riding for 30 years. 14 of those as a D.R. mostly in London (used to own a courier co in Oxford for 3 years).

I used to ride Ducati 916’s until they kept getting nicked and I couldnt afford the insurance any more :frowning:

I am a part-time race photographer when I can get accreditation sorted!

Hello Jay - we met a couple of times snapping at Brands!

err, think that’s it for now…laters:)

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi and welcome Nick

So how is the left hand drive merc:D

hellope and welcome.:smiley:


Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello colleague of PJ & Sacha :smiley: Qx

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

good 'ol doohan :slight_smile:

welcome to the site fellow gixxer rider!

Thanks to those who said “hi” and hope to meet you at some point. :smiley:

hi there and welcome!:slight_smile:

hey, Welcome to LB!:smiley:

you work with PJ…oh poor you:D