Bump and Scratchy...

Good morning all, I had an altercation with a rover this morning, nothing serious, just a bump and scratch affair.

There are a couple of scratches on my fairng and forks, but that is about it.

The accident was the other persons fault, traffic was stationary coming off a roundabout and I was taking the same turn, so I came a round on the outside at about 10 mph, and at which time he then decided to manouver to go straight on, except that I was in the way!

Should I go through the insurance or not?

His car has come off worse…a dent on the wing from my ‘virgin’ knee slider, and scratches from fairing and forks on the wing and colour coded bumper…


If you are confident that you have no serious (or potentially serious) injuries, or damage to the bike, try to work it out before going down the insurance route. The reason why I say this is because the insurance guys WILL make a note of it on your record, and it WILL affect your future premiums, regardless of whether you were at fault or if your no claims is unaffected.
A mate of mine rang about his wife being rear ended by a drunk driver, but never made a claim. He had recently received a renewal quote, but when he rang back to renew, his renewal had gone up simply because of the enquiry that he made.

Bad luck mate, sorry about that! I wouldnt go through the insurance unless it was very expensive indeed

If you got the other drivers details speak to them and say you are happy for them to pay you the cost of repairs without going to the insurance AND police. Sometimes works. Also may be worth taking your bike to a mechanic who you trust to get it fully checked out.

As its a no faulter I would def tell the insurance company and get them to do the leg work, thats what you pay premiums for. When the other side payout, it will not be held against you.

Sorry to hear of the accident as well, glad that you are ok and bike not bad.

They don’t all work like that. More than likely it will count against you because they use actuarial methods to calculate risk. Statistically speaking you are more likely to have an accident if you have already been in one, regardless if it was your fault or not (according to their stat model). Insurance companies don’t look at all your personal circumstances, they simply feed limited data into a statistical model which then calculates your premium (including margin, which is why you can negotiate with them). This is also the reason why so many insurance companies are now happy to give no claims protection - the model simply penalises you for being involved in an accident instead (which you have to disclose) even though your no claims is protected.

If you go the non-insurance route just make sure you don’t let too much time pass from the date of the accident. If you wait too long and the other guy doesn’t pay up, you may not be able to go back later.

RizlaSV got rear ended a while back (nothing serious) and we ended up getting the other guy to pay us after we got quotes to repair the damage.