Bummer - suggestions please

Please dont move this to help and advice as I need it seen by lots of people. Ta.

I found out the reason for the clicking noise coming from my front wheel (I posted about a clicking noise the other day) it turns out that I have a badly warped right hand front disc. The clicking noise is coming from the disc binding against the pads when it gets to the warped section and pushing the calipers back making them rattle so hence the clicking noise.

This means I need new discs I know not happy!

What I dont understand is I have warped a sic on the same side before! I was a little naughty as I was skint and I replaced it with a second hand disc as I couldnt afford 2 new ones. Could that be why its warped again because it wasnt new and the front discs didnt match!

I have warped 2 dics in 18,000 miles which surely isnt right!

The next thing is can anyone reccomend a cheap (but not rubbish) set of discs please and some links. Ta

So bike is off the road at the mo until I sort this

With a topic title like that, i thought old westie would be all over it!!! unless its code to arrange another date

Terry, maybe see if these guys can help out? http://www.motoliner.com

Would then suggest given your calipers a good clean out if not a rebuild. I am doing this on the weekend as i have also recently had a warped disc after only 10,000 miles.

Have you been getting pulsing through the brake lever when you brake?

It is unlucky that you got 2 warped discs on the same side, but 18000 is a lot of miles… When did you first notice it? Don’t suppose you grabbed a big handful just before it happened? My guess is that you bought a duff disk.

If you are looking for new discs try stoppersnstuff - with brake components I tend to buy new unless I know the previous owner.

Suggestions for bumming???