Bullsh** detector

Do you think this guy has loyaties to triumph…Ive test rode the speed and he is talking crap… Ive test rode the SD too


I still cant imbed these things

would’nt say bullsh*t but reasonable assesment of the 3 bikes,a triple is a happy medium of a twin vs il4 :slight_smile: never ridden any of them let alone afford to get one on finance so happy with my choice of V4…different folks different strokes eh:hehe:

What he said is tonk. Dont get me wrong the engine is smooth especialy compared to a V twin but its not the bike he said it is. Its big, bulky and heavy, not a bad ride but boring… Id get the street triple over the speed… and well we all now id get the SD over any of them as thats just an animal that leaves you grinning all day long. The street made me grin but the speed didnt

HAve you actually ridden any of these bikes apart from the SDuke?

Sure have, hence my comments…

Dont get me wrong, the speeds not a bad bike but i think he is rating it top cause he has to. It wouldnt come above the SD, not road the other bike they had though, may have to go get meself a test ride on one of them.

You may be riding the bike slightly different to the reviewer, and to the people the reviewer thinks he is writing for. You may want a bike you can throw around and have a laugh on, hence your opinion that the triple is bulky and boring. He may have reviewed the Triple as a simple bike getting from A to B smoothly, quickly and looking good on.

Hence I don’t think it is bull either, I think you just have different requirements for the bikes and therefore came to a different conclusion.

For instance, in my opinion, they are all ugly, slow and difficult to ride and I wouldn’t want any of them. I doubt you would agree and it seems the reviewer doesn’t agree either.