Bullet Cafe

I went to Bullet Cafe today and the coffee is sublime. They will be serving food as of tomorrow so definitely a good central meeting place for bike chat

I’d like to go there for a bike meet one night… anyone up for that?

Is there parking?

Where is this place.

Yeah I wouln’t mind meeting up for a coffee one night after work if there’s a few of us

Anyone up for a random Tuesday/Thursday night at bullet???

yes sounds good, although i do hear that poppins has opened up again in Richmond, i couldnt make it last night but hope to be there next week.

M9 said next day for that is 25th

I can’t do next week for any meets or ride outs, apart from BM but will be up for going to Bullet the week after

I have some outstanding issues with Bullet so will not be going there until they are resolved.

Oooh - tell all Sherrie

I’m still hoping to resolve the issue so wont go into details here yet. PM sent GP.

I understand it’s down to Sherrie whether she wants to tell you what her problems have been with Bullet, and after explaining them to me I have decided not to go until they have been resolved… I know one little person boycotting a cafe is not the end of the world or going to break the business but I don’t like what Sherrie has told me.

Thanks GP. If it all get’s rectified in the near future - I’ll be happy to lead the way and encourage business their way. Until then I’m afraid me and the GP are giving it a wide berth.

Fulam and Richmond are too posh for me, i don`t think i can mix with the wealthy lot.

if da wolf and the pix aint going i aint going


Right on Adz! Right on!!!