Hi all,

I’m going to the bulldog bash this year, never been before. so is any one going? has any one been before?


Went last year - and although it was bloody freezing (yes, I know, middle of August an all but still cold) it was absolutely astounding.

If the weather’s going to be reasonable, make sure you stick sun cream and shorts in your bag.

There are loads and loads of stalls to satisfy even the most hardened of shoppers and you can get just about anything, from camping goods to shoes and t-shirts to leathers, to waterproofs, etc etc etc etc.

Drag strip was awesome to watch and those jet bikes - indescribable.

The girlie show on the main stage is VERY - how shall I put this? - “direct” in its approach. If you’re prudish, best avoided.

Have NEVER seen so many bikes in one place. All sorts of bikes too, not just custom Harleys but everything from 125s to Goldwings and every other kind of bike you can think of. The Custom Show was really good and if you’re into doing stuff to your bike you’ll probably get some ideas. Also had a good few hotrods in there as well if you’re not into the style of bike.

The music was a bit on the heavy side for my tastes last year, but a few beers make anything tolerable and there was the dance tent if the heavy stuff was too much. Status Quo this year, should be fun, they always enjoy themselves on stage.

The food stalls were plentiful and good, so unless you’re particularly fussy you can eat well all weekend. Hog Roast especially tasty.

And I felt completely safe. I doubt the HA would permit ANYTHING to happen at their rally.

A small pack of babywipes helps with the smell if you can’t be bothered to queue up for the showers.

And have a great time, I certainly intend to!

I went about 2 years ago good bands scary looking bikers though, good bike displays, and man how loud was that jet car!!! Good weekend considering i only passed my test the month earlier.

Only problem was finding the bikes and tent pissed up, in the near enough pitch black, trying not to trip over the guide ropes on the other tents lol

Had tickets to go last year, but had to cancel at the last minute cos of work

damb work…

I am planning on doing the Bulldog bash this year, if anyone wants to join??

I also do the ‘other’ bash which is the Rock N Blues, its the same format as the Bulldog, but the last weekend in July.

Normally ride up on the friday and meet up with a bike club that a pal of mine is in, They are based in Stoke-on-Trent , then its off through the twisties to Derby for the Rock n Blues.

Rock n Blues is an Outlaws event, Bulldog is the Hells Angels. NEVER, EVER, wear a t shirt from one at the other!!! That said there is never any attitude or trouble at any of these events. Families are welcome too.

Anyone from LB is welcome to join me on either, Some LB members are already coming , just PM for more info.


I’m going there. Meeting up with a few mates from Ireland too who are coming over for it, should be great!