Bulldog bash 08

me dad michelle and stacie ( tattooistchick250) are going , who else is up for it?
you can buy tickets on the gate for 50 quid
on the 7th,8th 9th and 10th of august
well be going to the bulldog and then coming back for the lb barbecue party on the sunday…hopefully :stuck_out_tongue:

its at long marsten , near stratford , so not too far
Its the biggest bike festival in the uk …i think , with drag strip ,run what uve brung , shows , bands , etc and funfair :slight_smile:
a weekend of bikes , alcohol and fun , how could you say no?

I might be going with my eldest kid, have to see if he behaves himsel first!!!


You forgot the ‘erotic dancers’ :slight_smile:

[ and for dad and michelle read zeph 11 and rockerchick just in case anybody doesnt know that already]

should be a good run. loads of booze and food. ride there, pitch a tent, get hammered, ride to sausage event then ride back, sorted!!! come on, get ya names down


Have bashed the Bulldog in the past and hope you all have a good time, but we can’t make it this year

I’m there.

Look for a rat-look xv535 with VERY loud pipes (just fitted them today, after the stock Yam pipes fell to bits again).

im hopefully going…

requested the time of work, trying to get them to sign it before i hand my notice in :w00t:

anyone else comming?

anyone whos coming ,want to meet at the ace thursday 8th
at 9:30?

Alternatively you may find **Thursday 7th ** is an even better day :slight_smile:

I will be there, should be heading up Friday afternoon.

Must remember not to drink as much as I did last year on the night before the ride home…

if anyone wants to meet up while there or for the ride there ,
pm me n ill give u my number :slight_smile:

For those who are going, have a read of this:


Seems the police are not happy about the licence being granted and are going to be out in force over the weekend.

It’s always swarming with police…have’nt been for a few years but usually a bloomin good weekend:D

So the police close a number of local roads so the locals complain and then get the council to decline a license next year . . . sounds like bullying. Police are there to police, not decide policy. They say they fear a reprisal attack . . . so what ? If it’s going to happen it’ll happen anyway, nothing they can do to stop it. I can imagine the new terror laws will be getting an airing too . . . :crazy: :angry:

I was chatting to the landlady at a local pub last year and she said the locals campaign anyway and have done for years - people who live close to the site even get offered cheap/free tickets as a peace offering but dont take it up.

What’s the gain in closing some roads? :blink: It happened on the M40, not closing that are they? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be there, im on leave and only live 5min down the road. Gona have to be a good boy on my bike though with all the rozzers about.

Im going to attempt to wheelie the drag strip, may all end it tears but we shall see.

I wont even be able to get down the road to my sisters house cause the police are shutting it off the tossers. I will be taking advantage of the cheap tickets by the way(well i’ll be using my sisters bill to get them though, lol)