Bulb spec for Liberty 125

Does anyone have a Piaggio Liberty 125 owner’s manual handy and is willing to look up the front bulb spec for me?

My GF’s scooter needs a new front bulb. Our stuff is packed away at the moment, including her owner’s manual; I’m struggling to find a reference on the 'Net; local motor factors had a similar bulb but different wattage. I’m not convinced the bulb which was in the headlight is the right spec because the lamp-holder is discoloured with overheating.

High-beam fuse 7,5A
Low-beam and dashboard lights fuse 7,5A
Low-beam light bulb 12V - 55W
High-beam light bulb 12V-55W
High-beam lamp warning light 12V - 1.2W
Front side-light bulb 12V - 5W
Four dashboards illuminating bulbs 12V - 1,2W
Taillight bulb 12V - 5W
License plate bulb 12V - 5W

taken from http://www.scribd.com/doc/128677013/Piaggio-Liberty-125-200-4t-EN#scribd

Brilliant, thanks. Great forum :wink: