Building your own garage?

I am a pretty keen DIYer, I am thinking about building my own garage - would be aprox 5.5m x 5m - split rooms, Garage and a gym room, fully insulated, electrics, no plumbing, concrete base, timber/treated pine construction with gable roof.

Has anyone ever done anything like this and have any advice?



5 metres is 16.5 feet

if you put a car in it you wont have lot of room left unless you have a small car!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gjtxBnJydDRwMLbzdLA09nSw_zsKBAIwN3U_1wkA6zeHMXS4gKd29TRwNPI0s3b2e_AGMDAwOIvAEO4Gig7-eRn5uqX5CdneboqKgIAGUwqho!/dl3/d3/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

I think you’ll find the building regulations for a garage are quite different to the building regulations for a Gym

Using timber, I think you could get away with a ‘temporary structure’ :wink:

Doesn’t matter what building materials u use
Except if it timber it needs to be at least 1m away from any fence ( boundary )
You can run electric to it
But if you run water to it it .is classed as a habitable dwelling therefore would need planning permission

Timber is a good building material as is doesn’t sweat ( you don’t get condensation) a problem with brick and concrete even more so in the winter
You can get class of timber but is is very expensive
If you google garage plans and building you can find many plans and examples
If I get time I’ll look in the loft over the weekend and see if I can drag up some plans I’ve done in the past your welcome to use them but I don’t have the time or any inclination to get involved

I thought about doing this, or getting a builder to do it for me… But I just decided to get a decent log cabin / shed instead. It’ll be 5m x3.75m, interlocking 56mm wood, double glazed. Only for my bike and maybe a gym etc. gets delivered in a few weeks.

What one did you get Craig?

Me and the mrs have been debating a log cabin for a while now… but don’t know about the quality from the companies selling them on the web

Build a shed of doom, your neighbours will thank you