Building a hackintosh

I have an old intel p4 2.5ghz and was thinking of running a Macintosh os.

I having trouble finding a forum that can help.

Anyone got any recommendations.


Well you could do this, but I’m not recommending you do :wink:

Got a Bit torrent client?


Then you need to download and install this

Once done, you need to download a DVD image of Mac OS X. The one that should work on your machine is called Kalyway Leopard 10.5.2. It is 3.66 GB in size and you can find it (amongst everything else you might want :wink: ) here

Once that has downloaded, you then need to burn that image to a DVD disc.

Use your favourite disc burning software (I like Nero) or if you have Windows 7 then burning an ISO image is built in).

Once the disc is burnt, restart your computer and boot the DVD like you would a Windows installation disc.

It helps if you have a separate hard drive to use for Mac OS X, but you can partition your existing drive or if you are going to boot Mac OS X exclusively, then just format the HD using the installation tools you’ll be greeted with when you boot the disc.

If you get stuck then send me a PM, but I may not be able to help because this is all just theory :wink: :hehe:

PS. Apple don’t like people who run Mac OS X on non Apple hardware (for some reason :hehe: ). And downloading Mac OS X rather than buying it is illegal.

They are insanely helpful :D:D:D

Even if you buy a an OS from Apple, an installation on non-Apple hardware is illegal either.

Cheers Afro have obtained that.

Joined that MAC forum and searched but could find anything using equipment this old.