bugger and blast it all - after showing off at Cubanna last night… look what happened on the way home… the only thing I can think of is that it just decided it didn’t like me anymore son jumped ship somewhere on the M1 :frowning: Have emailed Givi to see if I can buy a replacement part rather that the whole thing!






Cor !! Thats weird? Looks like it just decided to jump ship !!

Ouch…bet that wont be cheap

Fooking hell I bet any car drivers following you got a bit of a shock!

Thats a litte bit like a friend of mine. He was traveling up to Milton Keynes early hours one Sunday and when he left he had a pair of trainers in his rucksack! On route he had a race with someone in a car which ended up as a 160mph blap up the motorway. When he arrived at the destination rucksack was open and no trainers!

He said the car did back off a bit sharpish at one point so maybe he was attacked by a pair of Nikes doing 160mph lol!

lol! 160 mph nikes!

Just been on to Givi - the lens is £5.50! but the replacement break light kit is £35… not as bad as I thought…


surely being so new thay would replace it for nowt,faulty workmanship

Thats pretty good I was expecting to hear more like a sum into the 100’s!

I’m sure it’s not meant to look like that…

Thanks Jay!

haha, wounder and marginally ironic as you say. your flashing did arose interest, if not praise last night

even better mate, take it off altogether

I never realised they were quick release…

well you will show off wont you oh look at my new break lights

Well i liked em, but it has slightly put me off having mine connected