Bugger- 2 week wait.

Need some advice here on whether this will be worth challenging or not.
Was riding in Oxfordshire and passed a couple of cops in a 40 zone- I was doing exactly 40- about 100m ahead it changed to a 30 zone.
They were chatting on the side of the road until I got past them and then they pull out the radar gun (pretty sneaky way of doing it if you ask me).

I was probably a bit over 30 as I past the sign but I was decelerating and within 20m or so past the sign I was definitely under 30.
Should I get a letter through the post in a couple of weeks is this something worth challenging or just take it like a man?

Can they prove that the radar gun was reading your speed in the 30 zone, as opposed to the 40? If they were in the 40 zone, can then even ticket for the 30…?

This is kinda what I am thinking- how will they be able to show that I was doing over 30 in a 40 when they were targeting right there it changes from 40 to 30/

This could all be for nothing- they might have been trying to get people doing over 40 as they were heading into the village- I guess I won’t know until a ticket turns up, or not.
Still, a bit stressed and annoyed by it all.

Sounds like the officer would have to be a petty bar steward to ticket you in that situation.

More likely winding you up

Tisk, tisk, Mr HT, breaking the law again? If you were going more than 30 level with or past the sign (which you’ve more or less admitted), then you were technically breaking the law and you are a very bad man.

But I seriously doubt that the two PCs can be arsed with something so trivial as you doing a mile or two over the limit for a matter of seconds and were probably just getting their eye in on random road users if they were acting as casually as you described.

Surely they wanted to ticket you they would have had to have come after you… I’ve not heard of radar guns being able to take photos etc but could well be wrong.
Usual procedure is normally speed trap plus cop up the road to pull you over. Again, all uneducated assumptions.

Rusty might be able to shed some light on the matter.

Actually I think you’ll be fine.

I’m almost certain if they have a handheld they HAVE to show you the speed reading while it is on the gun. If they have not done that I think you’re OK.

Sure someone from the force will be along soon, but I’m certain they have to show it to you

Thanks folks- this is somewhat reassuring.

Actually Mrs HT was done a few weeks ago and it was a mobile speed trap, rather than a fixed camera) as well- although I wasn’t with her so I don’t know if it was coppers or some sort of van with a camera.

I think vans are different as they actually record it so they can use the footage of the offence

Ah, Mrs HT must have been done by a van.
PHEW! :slight_smile:

Hmmm… posting weirdness- my reply went in before Timmy Fox’s but I was replying after The Sleeper posted.

Are you sure they were real plod and not just some of those village home guard lot who’ve been given an old speed gun & a couple of hi-viz jackets?

Are you sure it wasn’t one of these?

  1. I agree with the previous that upon breaking the line between the signs you legally must be doing that speed. As such you’ve broken the law … or have you?
  2. You’re allowed 10% plus 2mph. Therefore in a 30mph zone should ‘should’ be able to get away with 35mph.
  3. Does your bike actually do the speed it states on the speedo? Most do not. Check with a GPS. If you’re speedo shows 38mph when your actually doing 35mph … then again that may be good news.

The speedo is allowed 10% not the limit so it could swing to you should allow it to over read by 10% and adjust your speed under to compensate
Limit is 30 so even with 10% speed shown should be 30 or under .
Speed before entering /breaching posted limit should be the limit your entering …
They have the ability and authority to remove speedo and calibrate if they want if you push those claims

In any police incident if you claim vehicle /mechanical defect failure they will use a investigator … best ive seen done with a moped that popped a wheelie in front of officers … the idiot teen on l plates claimed that because of all the mods done on bike it was hard to keep front end down … er really he was later made a foool of after it was investigated and placed on a rolling road that it had the heady speed of 33mph and his mods ranged from placing blue underpan leds and cutting an inch off his silencers exit pipe and painting the can in a blue iridium effect .one charge of careless driving followed rather than him going yeah was stupid he would have got just a verbal caution but as he played the innocent in a sarky way they went all the way …