buenos dias....como estan?

hi it is really horrible out there today, but not to worry every day is a sunny day, have a lovely day lb’s

What are you trying to do this time in the morning, ruin my day before it`s started.


I’m agree with him, rainy and slippery out there, beware LB’s

dont beware, its ok, perfect time to over-rev in the corners and learn to drift, one should also practise wheelie’s in the wet, its great fun!.

Muy bien, pero hoy la moto queda cubierta.

I think it’s the car for me today - that or just stay in all day. It’s windy, rainy, soggy, leafy, am I’m turning into a fair weather biker?

Bonjour a tous! Il pleut encore, merde! Caoutchouc au dessous, tout le monde.

Hola!..moy bien

Morning everyone.

It’s not that bad out there, actually down here in West London is not even cold today just a drizzle so takes your bikes out as you do need to practise to ride in the rain.

Have a great day be safe and ride carefully.

I re-read my post and thought, “no, can’t just give up at the first sign of getting a bit damp” so I got on the bike, even if only for a short journey. Had an optician’s appointment with my smallest, so get her kitted up, on the back, and away we go. Saved on the outrageous parking fee as well! And her schoolfriends think she’s SOOOO cool, being dropped off at school on a motorbike!

that sounds like a result