Buell finished?


Quite a shock really.

You aint kidding !!!

The farmers will have to go back to using john deers instead!!.

damn :frowning:

i thought harley bought into buell a few yrs back.

They did, it’s obviously a H-D executive decission:doze:


oop jus joining u up

Sad news :frowning:

You might have a collector’s item:D

Sad for the guys involved but…maybe they just aren’t good enough? I know 1 person who loves his…the rest got shot fairly sharpish.
I would add, I have never ridden one (or been inclined to):wink:

Harley have been badly hit by the recession and have been laying off thousands of workers all year. This week they reported a collapse in third quarter profits, and their finance arm is losing millions due to under writing toxic bike finance. All they are doing is abandoning more risky enterprises and retreating to their reliable core business, making slow noisy gas guzzlers that don’t go round corners.

That’s terrible news - I always admired Buell for their thinking out of the box when it came to design - I also think Buells looked really cool too.

Very sad - hate to see a bike firm go down like this - surely they can put the brand on ice for a bit until they get a new investor/the recession ends etc? :crying:

Very sad news!

Bad news.