So, does anybody know why coverage has moved? Is it a money thing? I am sure BSB had more viewers on normal tv!!

Will there be any reply’s on normal TV?


I think it was on at 1:10 on channel 4 last night?

But in answer to your question, I have no idea. Apart from moto gp and occasionally F1, TV only seems to like to air boring sports, cricket zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz etc… Anything exciting seems to be a no no.

How to watch MotoGP on your computer for free:

In order to be able to watch MotoGP races online, you will have to install the following two free software programs: TV Ants ( and SopCast (
Then visit this website well ahead of the start of the race:
Click on the little TV icon on the very right and then on the “Play” link next to the stream with the highest bitrate and/or the highest star rating. Wait until the stream starts.

you also get it free on the BBC web site without downloading anything!

What I want to see is WSB and BSB, any ideas about those?

if you click on the link and search on motorsport it does have WSB.


Don’t mention it.

Or you can join this forum . The day after the race they upload them on there and you can watch them. I’ve been a memeber on there for a couple of years and never posted once:w00t: I just use it for all the racing media they have. Think I’m gonna try and be abit more active on there now, I’m taking the p*ss a bit. They have all the racing on there, motogp, bsb, wsb, le mans 24hr, ama. The quality is perfect. Very handy for me as I don’t have sky or anything.:DThey also have other videos like, barry sheen biography, nicky haydon the kentucky kid, neil hodgson ride to win,mike hailwood champion. and books you can download aswell, like twist of the wrist, sport riding techniques, motorcycle handling and chassis design.:slight_smile: I usually dowload them, then convert them and put them on my phone and watch them at work on my lunch break. lovely jubly:D

WSB is streamed live on the SBK site… qualifying sessions, and race sessions too.

BSB is a bit trickier… Dorna aren’t involved any more and MSVR who run it now aren’t big enough to understand the expansion of the Brand through free web availability yet… unless anyone knows where you can get Eurosport 2 online for free, its a subscription and a telly for now…

quality! cheers for the link :smiley: